Surface Consultation for Projects

If you are an Organisation/Owner/Purchase Head looking to purchase natural/engineered stone for your construction project, this particular service has been tailored just for you! Here’s why: 


  1. No more running errands to stores for finding suitable stone options. Upon understanding your purpose, basic preferences and budget, we will get samples of all suitable options delivered at your office 
  2.  No more uncertainty with regard to material quality. As all of our material is made to order, and we will be well informed of your required quantity, we will plan our processing accordingly and ensure that the same quality material as approved by you is delivered to you for the complete order, even if it means multiple dispatches over an uncertain timeframe 
  3. Material Planning Assistance to avoid over stocking at site. In bulk quantity requirements, one of the most common problems faced by the construction industry is over stocking of material, which leads to space restriction at work site and also increases the risk of material damage. We will work closely with your project management team to understand the overall material requirement and available resource for laying, and there by calculate the optimum quantities to plan and schedule dispatches over a calculated time frame to ensure efficient execution  
  4. Dedicated Key Account Manager would be assigned to make sure all your requirements are met, and all our promises are kept 
  5. Assured Best in Market Price for Desired Quality 
    1. To know more in detail about the program, kindly share your contact details below and we will reach out to you at the earliest