AG’s SOP for selecting the right surface

Step 1

Identify Purpose, if the requirement is for Flooring, Countertop, Landscaping, Elevation, etc. and intricate details pertaining to possible usage, wear and tear, budget, etc. 

Step 2

Decide on the base colours and surface pattern desired for, based on personal taste and aesthetic expectation

Step 3

Finalize type of stone based on Steps 1&2 and request for physical samples (to be sent within 48-72 hours) to have real time look, touch and feel experience

Step 4

STFQ Call: Finalize Size (based on need and availability); Thickness (based on usage purpose & possible usage/ footfall); Finish (based on usage purpose and aesthetic expectation); Quantity (based on total requirement + wastage calculation) 

Step 5

Request for Quotation for the finalized product selection and get the best in market price for your tailored requirement

Step 6

Place your order to initiate production and get regular updates and pictures of the same from our team 

Step 7

Have the product delivered and unloaded at your site in the presence of our staff