Know your stone

The naturally occurring original surface texture. Ideal for outdoor usage, specially landscaping and for natural elevations. Recommended in Slate, Limestone, Sandstone, Pebbles and Granite Cobblestone 
Smooth, shiny and reflective texture. Further emphasizes the colour of the stone and reduces porosity extensively. Ideal for indoor flooring and countertops. Recommended in Granite, Quartz and Marble 
Slightly more subtle in terms of reflectiveness, smooth matte or satin like texture. Equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor flooring. 
Gives a textured finish, with an aged appearance to the stone by slightly diluting its color. Ideal for outdoor flooring and landscaping. Recommended in Limestone 
Leather / Half Honed
More of an elevated textured appearance, while maintaining the smooth surface and non-reflective finish. Ideal for outdoor flooring, countertops and landscaping. Recommended in Granite and Limestone.
Gives an antique/aged look overall with smoothened edges and subtly textured surface. Ideal for landscaping. Recommended in Limestone, Slate and Sandstone 
Gives a rough grainy surface with faded colour and natural appearance. Ideal for parking areas and landscaping. Recommended in Granite